Australia-Greece visa talks begin

Australia-Greece visa talks begin
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The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) has welcomed today’s announcement by the Australian Government that it will enter into negotiations with Greece regarding a reciprocal work and holiday visa arrangement.

ATEC managing director Felicia Mariani described the work and holiday visa as an “important link” between countries which would stimulate interest in travel to Australia.

“ATEC has been advocating for the continued expansion of the work and holiday program as an avenue to increase awareness of Australia as a destination and to build greater cultural understanding and we are pleased to see Greece will soon be added to the list,” she said.

Minister for immigration and citizenship Chris Bowen today announced the move, saying the arrangement would allow Greeks and Australians aged between 18 and 30 to take an “extended holiday” of up to 12 months in the relevant country with the ability to engage in short term work and study during that time.

But he warned that implementation of such a scheme would not happen overnight.

“Negotiating a work and holiday arrangement, which must be reciprocal and agreeable to both governments, can take time to finalise and implement,” he said.

“While we recognise the level of enthusiasm by both Greeks and Australians around a successful outcome, we must ensure all key stakeholders are consulted and the necessary administrative arrangements are in place.”

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