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Vivid 2023 breaks all the records

2023 saw the 13th edition of Vivid set attendance records, debunking any myths that 13 is an unlucky number!

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Vivid fun for the whole family

Our advice for visiting Vivid with kids would be to not do it, but for those die-hard fans, there's a few secrets to mak...

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What’s new for Vivid Sydney 2017?

We're attempting to piggy-back our electricity bill onto this, you'll know if it works if you're not receiving TW by pig...

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The best snaps from Vivid

Sydney has flicked the switch on another successful Vivid Festival, which bathed the city in light for the last 18 days.

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Top 9 ways to see Vivid Sydney

The sparkling festival of music, art and lights has descended onto our fair city once again, and we've rounded up the be...