Will Aussies actually be able travel to other countries via New Zealand?

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Reports have been circulating about loopholes in the trans-Tasman bubble that could see Aussies travelling beyond New Zealand, but the reality may look very different from the dream.

While Aussie travellers need special permission from Border Force to travel abroad, travel bubbles aside, this is not the case in New Zealand.

The New Zealand government strongly recommends its citizens do not travel overseas, but it does not have the same restrictions in place as the Australian government.

With the trans-Tasman bubble opening on 19 April, Aussies will be able to travel quarantine free to and from New Zealand, meaning they could potentially use New Zealand as a stopover on their way to another overseas destination.

In fact, a spokesperson from Border Force told Traveller that New Zealand authorities would not prevent Australians from travelling to other countries.

“Currently, New Zealand does not prevent Australian citizens from leaving New Zealand and travelling onwards overseas. However, anyone arriving into Australia or New Zealand from any other country must enter into quarantine or mandatory isolation as directed by the relevant government departments and health authorities,” the spokesperson said.

The Border Force spokesperson said Aussies would need permission to transit through New Zealand, but it is not clear how the government would define ‘transit’.

On top of being required to quarantine upon returning to either Australia or New Zealand, there is also the difficulty of finding a flight home.

A cap on arrivals means thousands of stranded Aussies are still struggling to get a flight home, so unless your clients are planning to stay overseas indefinitely, it’s probably not a good idea.

However, hope is on the horizon, with reports that Aussies could be travelling quarantine-free to the likes of Singapore, Japan and Fiji by August.

In the meantime, the two-way trans-Tasman travel bubble will allow Aussies to travel to New Zealand for a holiday from 19 April. Find out all you need to know about the arrangement here.

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