Wendy Wu Tours launches new educational scholarship scheme in Cambodia

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    Touring specialist Wendy Wu Tours has announced a new scholarship scheme in Siem Reap called the Wendy Wu Tours Cambodia Scholarship Fund.

    The initiative is Wendy Wu Tours first major charitable contribution since the pandemic and is dedicated to empowering underprivileged students in Siem Reap communities through ongoing funding and support.

    In launching the new grant, which will benefit up to 30 children living in Siem Reap, company founder and owner Wendy Wu said, “Education is very close to my heart, a factor that has always and will always continue to guide and steer me in my lifelong journey to better myself, both professionally and personally.

    “Children deserve the right to an education, however there are so many who face incredible disadvantages and challenges that, very often, the struggle is just not feasible.

    “This really does break my heart and so if we, at Wendy Wu Tours, can do anything to help and enrich even just a small fraction of these children’s lives through the scholarship programme, then we will have made some progress.

    “Our commitment to the children in Siem Reap is a lifelong commitment and we hope that over time, we’ll be able to develop the programme and help more children through education.”

    The new educational initiative was unveiled in partnership with their local ground operator and coincided with Wendy Wu Tours VIP 25th anniversary sailing tour of the Mekong River onboard the cruise ship, Victoria Mekong. As part of the VIP event, guests participated in a 17-night tour of Cambodia and Vietnam, including the three-night cruise which was personally hosted by the company’s formidable founder, Wendy Wu.

    This initiative will open doors for students to pursue education, paving the way for a brighter future, with the impact expected to extend beyond individual students to enhance the well-being and prospects of the entire community.

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