WATCH: Tourism Australia’s latest ad features the ‘original’ Hemsworth

WATCH: Tourism Australia’s latest ad features the ‘original’ Hemsworth

We don’t know about you but we are BIG fans for Tourism Australia ads.

Remember the one where the Honey Badger delivered a news bulletin from the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

What about the time they tricked us all with a star-studded trailer for a new Crocodile Dundee film? Which we would TOTALLY watch, by the way.

Not to mention these totally adorable and extremely nostalgic vintage posters, which we think are some of their finest work.

We digress. Today, Tourism Australia has launched their latest campaign encouraging American tourists to come and check out the ‘movie set’ of the Dundee movie.

The ad is the next phase of the $36 million Dundee campaign and stars Aussie actor Luke Hemsworth, or the ‘original’ Hemsworth, as he’s referred to in the ad.

Visit the Set of Dundee: Son of a Legend, builds on the momentum of the Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home campaign, which was unveiled at the Super Bowl in February to over 100 million American TV viewers.

What first appeared as a star-studded trailer for a new Dundee sequel featuring celebrities Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Paul Hogan and Margot Robbie; was then cleverly revealed as a tourism ad for Australia.

The new $8 million campaign offers a tongue in cheek spin on the campaign with the ‘original’ Hemsworth and older brother to Chris and Liam, taking Americans on a backlot tour of Australia which is cleverly portrayed as a giant set, purpose-built for the Dundee movie.

Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan said that the continued focus on the US was part of the agency’s renewed marketing approach of fewer, bigger, bolder and more impactful campaigns.

“The Dundee campaign has already been well received by the tourism industry and our partners in market, so it is crucial that we maintain the momentum it generated and continue to capture the attention of high-value American travellers,” he said.

“This next chapter gives a fun, new take on the narrative by going behind the scenes of Dundee to share a richer and deeper showcase of the experiences that can be enjoyed in Australia.”

Since its launch, the Dundee campaign has reached more than 9 billion people and has generated nearly 14,500 news articles with an equivalent advertising value of over $85 million.

Activity will run from October to December to coincide with the peak travel booking season for the US market and is earmarked for roll out in additional international markets including the UK.

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