Watch: Intrepid launches inaugural Adventure Travel Index

Watch: Intrepid launches inaugural Adventure Travel Index

Last night Intrepid Travel launched its inaugural Adventure Travel Index – which challenges stereotypes of adventure travellers and redefining the growing sector within the tourism industry.

The new research shows that adventure travellers can be any age, with all demographics choosing adventure destinations like Peru, Cambodia, Morocco, Cuba and India to holiday in.

Almost half of Intrepid travellers go by themselves, and most of them are female (girl power!).

“Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism – and Australians are leading the way.

“As the world’s largest adventure travel company, we wanted to show just how open and courageous travellers are becoming,” Intrepid Group CEO James Thornton said at the launch.

“In the past few years, we have seen a lot of political and social upheaval. We believe travel can help people to be more open and curious about the world. By going outside of our comfort zones, challenging ourselves and getting off the beaten path, adventure travel can change the way people see the world.”

According to the Index, millennials will be the driving force behind responsible travel. There’ll be less and less elephant rides in some Asian destinations and a rise in female tour leaders in developing countries like India.

The Index also shows tourism density ratios, comparing the number of tourists to the number of residents, which help see which countries are suffering from over tourism and under tourism.

“For a travel company that’s all about providing sustainable, experience-rich travel to the most open-minded, curious or Intrepid among us, the Index only further cements our commitment to the cause,” said Thornton.

Watch some key findings of the Index below.

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