Want to travel AND explore your passion? Churchill Fellowship opens 2024 applications

Want to travel AND explore your passion? Churchill Fellowship opens 2024 applications
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    Churchill Fellowships for 2024 are now open. The Fellowships offer people the opportunity to travel overseas for four to eight weeks to explore a topic or issue that they’re passionate about, and come back and share knowledge to improve their community.

    For nearly 60 years, Churchill Fellowships have helped create well-known innovations – including Questacon, the Playschool theme song, Unit Pricing in Supermarkets, and Neighbourhood Watch.

    They have supported every other topic imaginable, from opera, sculpting and bee keeping, through to river health, viticulture, violin making, oyster farming and more. Important social initiatives have included Indigenous health, disability inclusion, justice and intelligence, child welfare, and domestic violence prevention.

    Churchill Fellowships are open to Australian citizens or permanent residents over the age of 18, from any field including arts, science, health, agriculture, and beyond.

    ​Churchill Fellowships offer an opportunity to pursue your dreams and make an impact on Australian society.

    Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a dedicated educator, a passionate healthcare professional, or someone with a unique passion or trade, the Trust welcomes Australians from all walks of life to embark on this extraordinary adventure.

    For nearly 60 years, the Churchill Fellowship has empowered Australians to make a meaningful impact on their community, their state or territory, and the nation.​

    No academic qualifications are necessary—just curiosity, a desire to learn and make a difference.

    The Churchill Trust was set up in 1965 after the death of Sir Winston Churchill. Almost six decades ago, the “Churchill Memorial Sunday” door-knock appeal was held across Australia, one of the largest of its kind at that time.

    For further inspiration, check out the incredible projects that previous Churchill Fellows have investigated on the Churchill Trust website. A series of information sessions have been recorded and are available for people to view online.

    Applications are now open at www.churchillfellowships.com.au

    Applications close 1 May 2024 at 5.00pm AEST.

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