Virgin gives green light to kids’ sleep devices

Portrait of the crying boy on the flight

Virgin is moving onwards and upwards to separate itself from any other Aussie airline.

Earlier this week, the airline announced that domestic Wi-Fi will be available from mid-December, with international flights receiving Wi-Fi midway through next year.

Now, Virgin has just become the only major Australian airline to welcome kids’ sleep devices, on its aircrafts.

Virgin has listened to the cries, shouts, screams of tantrums and figured out a way to keep children bearable.

The rollout is part of the airline’s new ‘Guest Comfort Items’ which will permit the use of  Plane Pal, Fly Tot, and JetKids Bedbox from today.

There are a few stipulations though.

The devices are only permitted to be used when sitting in a window seat or in the middle seat of the centre block and must be included as part of the 7kg carry-on baggage allocation.

They are also not permitted to be used in Exit Rows.

Speaking about the move, Virgin Australia General Manager Inflight Experience, Tash Tobias said, “We know that travelling with kids can be a stressful experience and we want to make it as smooth as possible for the families that fly with us.

“We recognise the importance of your kids getting some extra rest on a flight as it can make a world of difference when you arrive at your destination.”

“These popular comfort items have been reviewed by our team of safety experts against our high safety standards and we’re pleased to say that we’ve been able to give the seal of approval to three of the most popular models.

“Of course, these items aren’t just for children, and the comfort of all of our guests is important. That’s why the range we are welcoming on board caters to varying needs and can provide all guests with an enjoyable travel experience,” Tobias added.

But why does this debate around kids’ sleeping devices feel so familiar you ask?

Well, you might recall that back in July of this year, Qantas received major backlash for banning kids’ plane accessories.

Qantas’ decision to do so was met with intense furore by parents with Plane Pal Founder Samantha Cardone publicly criticising the airline.

At the time she claimed major international carriers like Etihad and Singapore Airlines could “reap the rewards of fresh bookings from parents disgruntled with Qantas and Jetstar over uncertainty as to whether they will or won’t allow child travel accessories on flights.

“Do Qantas and Jetstar now prefer screaming kids to sleeping angels?” she asked.

“We have been inundated with messages from families frustrated with Australian airlines Qantas & Jetstar,” said Cardone.

“Many are choosing other global airlines that do permit devices that make travel enjoyable for children, parents and fellow passengers.

Qantas is yet to make a comment on their policy.

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