Viking Launches two New World Cruises

Galapagos Sea Lion, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.
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     Viking has launched two new World Cruises, which provide extra choices for travellers seeking to discover more of the world in Viking comfort in one seamless journey.

    The new itineraries include Longitudinal World Cruises VI and VII, both extended expedition voyages from the “White Continent” to the Americas, with the 2026 Viking World Journeys ocean voyage from Los Angeles to London also open for booking.

    The 69-day Longitudinal World Cruise VI from Buenos Aires to Milwaukee combines five itineraries on a journey across nine countries, sailing from Antarctica and the remote South Georgia Island to North America’s Great Lakes.

    Guests will be immersed in the fascinating culture of Peru, and the majestic glaciers of Chile and the Panama Canal and have the option to visit the unique wildlife of the Galápagos on an optional excursion. This voyage departs 24 February 2026 on Viking’s award-winning expedition ship, the Viking Octantis and is priced from $95,995 per person with included business class air.

    The 63-day Longitudinal World Cruise VII from Buenos Aires to Milwaukee also combines five shorter itineraries across nine countries, visiting countless world-class cities, historical sites, and wildlife reserves, including Niagara Falls, before arriving at its final port in the Great Lakes.

    This voyage departs 21 February 2026 on the award-winning expedition ship, the Viking Polaris®, and is priced from $88,995 with included business class air.

    “Viking’s Longitudinal World Cruises are popular with travellers curious about experiencing the diversity in nature, wildlife and culture between the ends of the earth,” said Michelle Black, Viking ANZ managing director.   

    “These two new longitudinal itineraries combine several of our popular shorter expedition voyages, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for true explorers. Both journeys offer just one sailing annually, allowing guests an extended travel experience in comfort, in one seamless trip.”

    Bookings are also now open for the 121-day 2026 Viking World Journeys departing Los Angeles and sailing to London, with 50 included tours across 23 countries. This ocean voyage presents the journey of a lifetime on board the Viking Sky, visiting some of the world’s most iconic cities and destinations. Priced from $92,495 per person with included business class air.


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