US Justice Department launches further investigation into Boeing window blow out

Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA - July 29, 2011: Boeing 787 taxing to runway for takeoff at the Air-Venture airshow.

Boeing may find itself in deeper trouble as the The US Justice Department (DOJ) reportadly announces further examination of the manufacturers compliance with an agreement signed following two 737 MAX crashes.

A report via Bloomberg suggests the DOJ is looking to determine if the now infamous ‘window blowout’ comes under a deferred-prosecution agreement Boeing signed in 2021.

The USD $2.5 billion settlement was signed following two deadly 737 MAX crashes, with the agreement stating that Boeing would adopt a compliance program that would prevent it from deceiving regulators.

The window incident on board an Alaska Airlines flight came two days before the expiration date of the agreement.

In the weeks following, Boeing was the subject of widespread criticism throughout the aviation industry after a 737-800 window cracked just one week after the Alaska incident.

A whistleblower, supposadly from within the Boeing manufacturing team also came forward stating that, “The reason the door blew off is stated in black and white in Boeing’s own records,” the Seattle Times reported. 

“It is also very, very stupid and speaks volumes about the quality culture at certain portions of the business.”

“(The bolts) were not installed when Boeing delivered the airplane [sic].

“Our own records reflect this.”

The boss of Ryanair, set a team of engineers to Boeing’s US factory to inspect an order of 57 Boeing aircraft, however declared all passengers flying with Boeing safe. 

The DOJ has six months to examine the agreement and requires the courts approval dismiss the matter.

It is understood that should Boeing be found to have violated its 2021 agreement when handling the Alasaka window blowout, criminal charges could be laid.

Alaska Airlines is also seeking USD $150 million in copensation for lost buinsess after its fleet was grounded following the incident.

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