UK heatwave forces flight suspension, fills hotel rooms

UK heatwave forces flight suspension, fills hotel rooms

The sweeping heatwave hitting the UK has made its mark on the travel industry, causing defects in airport runways and filling hotels with air con seeking Britions.

Temperatures in Britain topped 38°C on Monday, making it the hottest day of the year.

Luton Airport, located north of London, said that flights were suspended yesterday afternoon due to a defect on the runway.

“Following today’s high temperatures, a surface defect was identified on the runway,” the airport said on Twitter.

“Engineers were called immediately to site and repair works are currently in progress to resume operations as soon as possible.”

Luton Airport is the fifth busiest runway in the UK and is the base for budget airline Easyjet.

The airport had reopened to outbound flights by 6pm local time and later updated to say inbound flights had resumed.

It was also reported that Royal Air Force base Brize Norton in Oxfordshire had also stopped flights as the runway became too unsafe due to the heat. Sky News reported that the runway had “melted.”

“During this period of extreme temperature flight safety remains the RAF’s top priority, so aircraft are using alternative airfields in line with a long-established plan,” the RAF said via UK’s Ministry of Defence.

“This means there is no impact on RAF operations.”

The heat has caused rail bosses to advise people not to travel unnecessarily, with speed restrictions being imposed by London’s Underground network and rail networks hit by mass cancellations.

On top of the flight and rail cancellations, hotels are becoming swamped with sweaty Britons looking to cool down in an air-conditioned room.

One Twitter user who supports the idea warned that this is not an option for all due to the price.

“Almost no one has air conditioning and our infrastructure is not designed for this heat,” they wrote.

“I’ve found an hotel with air con to get me through this. Many can’t afford that. People and pets will die.”

Another Twitter user said they had to move into a hotel in London once it had hit 32°C.

“Problem in the UK is hardly anyone has air con,” they shared on Twitter.

Others joked: “Currently Googling ‘Hotels with air con near me. I’ve spent too long down south and gone soft.”

“Anyone in London want to go halves on a hotel with aircon Mon and Tues nigh?!” another said.

Some even calculated that it would be cheaper to book a 5-star hotel than stay in their car all night while blasting the AC.

Temperatures are expected to hit 40°C in London today, so hotels could expect to see a few more warm visitors.

Featured Image: Luton Airport tarmac – Twitter/@Telegraph

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