Travel Weekly TV: James Mooring, co-founder and co-CEO, Room Res

Travel Weekly TV: James Mooring, co-founder and co-CEO, Room Res
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    This week on Travel Weekly TV, Dan sits down with James Mooring, who along with his business partner, launched Room Res nearly eight years ago, now, a key sponsor at the 2023 Women in Travel Awards.

    In the interview, we learn about what it takes to be selected as a rising star at the awards, how Room Res combats the gender pay gap and how the business works to progress the women that work within the company.

    Asked on why being involved with the awards this year is an important thing for Room Res, Mooring said, “We believe that recognising the success and impact and achievements of women in travel is an important thing to do, and is also a great way of providing role models and inspiration.

    “The goal of the awards, in terms of celebrating the success and contributions is something that really resonates with us.”

    James also mentions he is looking forward to the ‘Rising Star’ category at this years awards, check who made the shortlist HERE.

    The rising star category is about celebrating women who began their career in travel after January 2022 and have shown tremendous achievements and drive for excellence in their short tenure.

    “We love rising stars at Room Res,” he said.

    “Some of the qualities that really stand out to me is a real commitment to delivering amazing outcomes for your customers.

    “A real thirst for knowledge is another really key quality and that real passion to learn more about the industry, a focus on coming with solutions rather than coming with problems.”

    All the information for the awards, including tickets can be found HERE.

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