Travel Weekly Australia launches Travel Weekly TV

Travel Weekly Australia launches Travel Weekly TV
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    Australia’s leading travel trade publication, Travel Weekly Australia has announced the launch of Travel Weekly TV, a regular video series providing insight into the passionate people who not only work in the travel industry but live and breathe it.

    The on-camera interviews will feature leaders from within the travel and tourism sector, as well as up-and-coming stars who are turning their love for travel into a career.

    The production is a natural extension of travel content for Travel Weekly Australia’s editor Dan Lake who came to the publication with over 15 years experience in television reporting in New Zealand.

    “There’s just so much happening in this industry right now, and it’s great to speak face-to-face to the people who are making it all happen,” Lake said.

    “It’s amazing the stories that come out when you ask someone why they work in travel, and what they are most passionate about.”

    Lake said he wants to move away from polished press releases and find out more about the personalities that make the travel industry one of the most exciting to work in.

    “It’s easy to push send on press releases, but it’s another to get up every morning and be genuinely motivated to make travel a better experience for everyone involved. From those doing the travelling to the workers behind the scenes,” he said.

    The first interview features Dean Long, CEO of The Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA), formerly the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).

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