Travel support businesses collaborate to overcome industry labour shortage

Travel support businesses collaborate to overcome industry labour shortage

Travel support businesses collaborate to overcome industry labour shortage with unique Strategy and Now Welcome Rebecca Lavender to their team.

The travel industry is currently grappling with an acute labour and skills shortage. Two growing travel industry support businesses, Destination Webinars and Travel Agent Finder, both whom predominantly operate online and are run by sole traders, have together contracted a shared part-time digital marketing assistant.

This unique approach was born out of necessity and a shared vision. Charlie Trevena (Destination Webinars) and Anna Shannon (Travel Agent Finder) knew that finding individuals with specific skills and industry experience, who were looking for part-time work with only limited hours would likely be challenging in this market.

The solution? Combine job descriptions and contract a shared resource.

Destination Webinars and Travel Agent Finder frequently collaborate on mutual client campaigns and have been working together in various capacities for over 18 months. Their services are highly complementary and they share a commitment to assisting travel agents and facilitating trade updates. As business allies, they firmly believe that a shared resource doesn’t pose a conflict of interest.

They sought out a candidate with industry experience, hoping that the varied tasks of both businesses and combined hours would appeal to someone returning to the workforce or seeking a part-time and flexible role. It’s a unique approach to recruitment, with a vision for a more inclusive travel industry that offers various flexible and part-time options for the right skills and experience to return to the industry in different capacities.

Shannon says “We are excited to introduce Rebecca Lavender to our teams, a seasoned industry professional. Rebecca re-joins the travel industry part-time, following a period of maternity leave, bringing valuable expertise gained from her time working with tourism boards and, more recently, in digital marketing and social media.”

Rebecca began her travel career as a Travel Consultant in 2008, before moving into destination marketing roles with Hawaii Tourism and Singapore Tourism Board. After taking a break to raise her family of three young children, Rebecca is currently working as a freelance marketer and is excited to return to the industry in a part-time and behind-the-scenes capacity that allows her to work around her family commitments.

Trevena states “Rebecca’s background aligns perfectly with the shared needs of Destination Webinars and Travel Agent Finder and we are looking forward to working with her.”

“Countless experienced professionals from the travel industry are out there,” says Trevena. “Many of them possess years of valuable knowledge, skills, and extensive networks. We encourage others within the industry to think outside the box and to create flexible working arrangements where possible or look at collaboration options, to attract and entice talented individuals back into the travel industry.”

This innovative approach demonstrates how flexible working arrangements and fresh thinking can attract the right talent back into the industry and help overcome current industry challenges.

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