‘Do travel agents still exist?’: The top 10 travel questions people are Googling right now

Simferopol, Russia - July 9, 2014: Google biggest Internet search engine. Google.com domain was registered September 15, 1997.

New research findings have highlighted just how critical it is for travel agents to demonstrate their value to consumers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

With travellers looking to stay more informed about their future plans now more than ever, Club Med used Google search data to find out the top 10 travel questions people are seeking answers to, and one of them is sure to rile up agents.

Check out which questions are proving most popular among travellers below:

In response to the question ‘do travel agents still exist?’, Club Med had this to say…

“In the age of travel blogs, flight comparison sites and accommodation booking apps at our fingertips, many travellers opt to plan their own holidays tailored to their needs.

“Despite this, travel agents continue to thrive as specialists in areas such as sustainable travel, long-haul and ski trips.”

Featured image source: iStock/Prykhodov

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