Tourissimo launches new gastronomic cycling tour of Sicily hosted by award-winning chef

Tourissimo launches new gastronomic cycling tour of Sicily hosted by award-winning chef
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    Tourissimo has announced a new culinary cycling tour of Sicily being led by two different celebrity chefs.

    Chef Mary Sue Milliken, a James Beard and Julia Child Award-winning chef, cookbook author, activist, and media personality best known for her modern Mexican concept, is back for her seventh tour with Tourissimo.

    She will be accompanied by her friend, Chef Bob Blumer, Food Network TV host, author, artist, and eight-time Guinness World Record holder.

    Guests will spend seven days cycling their way through the heart of Southeast Sicily, a seductive and bold region’s vibrant cultural tapestry. The tour is scheduled for May 26 – June 1, 2024, and starts at $5,495 per person double (includes bicycles, meals, accommodations, and activities).

    Non-cyclists are welcome, and e-bikes (pedal-assisted systems) are available.

    “As you explore the enchanting eastern provinces of Siracusa and Ragusa, let the aromas and tastes of Sicily‘s distinct cuisine be your muse and our guest chefs be your expert eye,” co-founder, Tourissimo, Beppe Salerno, said.

    Plenty of photo-worthy moments! (Supplied)

    While the region is celebrated for its Baroque and Norman architecture, artistic heritage, and intellectual contributions, it’s the food that truly steals the show. Sicilian cuisine is a delightful blend of influences from Phoenicians, Greeks, Moors, Arabs, and Normans, creating a unique culinary tradition.

    Citrus, wild fennel, resins, and pine nuts, to name a few, make any dish distinctively Sicilian. Sicily is also a wine-lovers paradise with 23 DOC zones, offering a wide variety, complexity, and abundance of Bacchus’ unique gift. “Picture yourself dining under the Sicilian sun, indulging in dishes that showcase the island’s bounty – ripe tomatoes, succulent eggplants, and artichokes bursting with flavour,”co-founder, Tourissimo, Heather Dowd, said.

    “Seafood takes centre stage, reflecting the island’s proximity to pristine waters.

    “And, of course, no Sicilian feast is complete without an abundance of pasta and the finest olive oil.But this tour isn’t only about exquisite cuisine; it’s a holistic experience. Guests will cycle through landscapes adorned with rolling hills and vineyards, coastlines kissed by glistening waters, and ancient sites steeped in history.

    Scenic cycling. (Supplied)

    “Immerse yourself in Sicily‘s past and present, where every turn of the pedal unveils not only stunning vistas but also the authentic and mouthwatering essence of this captivating island,” Salerno, continued.

    “Join us on a journey where each taste tells a story, and every flavor is a piece of Sicily‘s unparalleled culinary heritage.”Highlights

    • Delve into the diversity of Sicilian cuisine (a cultural crossroads)
    • Explore Scicli, Ragusa, Modica, and Noto (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
    • Savor breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea
    • Enjoy an authentic Sicilian cooking class
    • Tour of Ragusa (a Baroque gem)
    • Visit producers and tastings including olive oil, almonds and almond milk (Slow Food presidium), DOP cheese, fruits and vegetables not found in continental Italy
    • Ride the scenic farmland of the southern island dotted by historical sites
    • Learn how and why the Mediterranean Diet (an intangible UNESCO Cultural Heritage) blends with Arab and Moorish Flavors

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