Top 10 reasons to take a campervan road trip

Top 10 reasons to take a campervan road trip
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Australia is a big country, and the best way to see it is by car. Or in this case, campervan.

Hippie Camper are offering 9% off long term hires of more than 21 days, and if cruising the coast lines and deserts of down under strikes your fancy, now is the time.

In case you need more inspiration, check out these top 10 reasons to jump in a campervan you’re your mum or your dog, and start your 2015 with an adventure.

1. It’s an Australian tradition

Almost everyone has a road trip holiday story to tell – don’t miss out on yours!

2. Save your dollars

One cost and your travel, accommodation, dining plans (and possibly your after-dark entertainment) is all taken care of. Compare this with flights, taxi transfers, hotels, hire car and restaurant meals…

3. You make the itinerary

Forget costly ticket changes – there’s no restrictions on how long you stay in each place – and you’re free to move along when you’ve been there and done it all.

4. Say hi!

Spend the night with friends and family far and wide – but avoid sleeping on their couch.

5. See the country in a different way

Tiny seats and airplane food can’t compare to stretching out on the wide open road and stopping wherever and whenever you want. Australia and New Zealand are big, glorious, and beautiful – get out there and explore!

6. Create the ultimate playlist

And sing as loudly as you want to, all the way down the highway.

7. Quality time

Travelling on the road is just right for BFFs who need to catch up on a few months’ of gossip, and of course, there’s the romance of ‘glamping’ in the comfy double bed for lovey-dovey couples.

8. Avoid the tourist traps

We all love big capital cities, but a campervan gives you complete flexibility to go to those really out there places like…well just hit the maps and pick a spot.

9. The fun starts now.

The minute you’re on the road your adventure has begun.

10. It might be almost free.

Really. Check out Hippie Camper’s relocation deals and you might find yourself scoring a campervan from as little as $1 per day.

Happy Travels!

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