These are the world’s most dangerous selfie spots

Hiker girl with backpack taking self portrait in beautiful scenery on a rock in ukrainian carpathians

New research from an unlikely source has revealed the most dangerous places in the world for selfies.

Instagram image printing service Inkifi has analysed news reports to uncover where and how the most selfie-related injuries and deaths have taken place over the last 10 years.

It found that over 330 deaths and injuries have been caused by selfie-taking over the last decade.

India had a vastly higher number of selfie-related incidents than any other country, with 176 deaths and injuries being reported in the last ten years.

Of those reported, 66 were of cases of drowning while taking selfies on waters such as the Ganges River, Vena reservoir and Mangrul Lake.

A total of 26 accidents took place in the United States, with a number of different causes from helicopter ‘shoe selfies’ to National Park cliff edge selfies.

Tourist selfie-accidents were also prominent in Australia, mainly because of falling from areas that included Diamond Bay Reserve, Sydney, The Grampians National Park and Cape Solander.

Inkifi also found that railway lines are the most common location for selfie-related deaths and injuries to take place.

Whether that involved being hit by a train or electrocuted by the power lines, 62 deaths or injuries have occurred on railway tracks.

Cliffs are the second deadliest locations for selfie-taking, resulting in 38 deaths and injuries.

You can view the research in full by clicking HERE.

The countries with the most selfie-related accidents

  1. India (176)
  2. United States (26)
  3. Russia (19)
  4. Pakistan (14)
  5. Australia (11)
  6. Brazil (7)
  7. Spain (6)
  8. Sri Lanka (6)
  9. Croatia (5)
  10. Philippines (5)

Featured image credit: istock/Photoboyko

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