The unlikely new mascot for travel sustainability

The unlikely new mascot for travel sustainability

The UN has appointed a popular fictional feline character as the ambassador for sustainable tourism.

No it isn’t a pug in a pink unicorn costume (we wouldn’t complain if it was), but it’s close to it – well, there’s pink involved. It is in fact, popular Japanese cartoon, Hello Kitty, who will be the face of the United Nations’ sustainable tourism, campaign.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation made 2017 the”International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development”, which aims to spread the message of the importance of travelling responsibly.

The UN have placed their trust in Hello Kitty to promote the campaigns’ concept of ‘Travel. Enjoy. Respect’.

Hello Kitty is featured in a campaign video discussing the importance of sustainable travel.

“Travelling opens our minds and our hearts, and lets us see how we are equal,” Hello Kitty said.

“Travelling is a gift. When you travel, remember to honour our place. Respect nature, respect culture and respect your host.”

Read more on why sustainable tourism is the way forward HERE, and HERE for some of the possible solutions.

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