The one thing to never do before flying

Illustration of a old fashioned retro style woman scared out of her mind. High resolution JPG and Illustrator 0.8 EPS included.

If you’re an anxious flyer, we recommend you to stop reading this now.

For everyone else, we warned you.

A recent article from The Sun UK has detailed the one thing passengers should not do within 24-hours of flying.

So what is it?

Dental work.

Yep, you got that right, like dental work wasn’t scary enough, now we have to be afraid of flying with dental work too.

The reason?

Changes in air pressure can cause “air pockets” in your gums that get trapped after getting work done and could put enormous pressure on your mouth while in the air.

As per The Sun, “Short of reaching for painkillers, there’s little you can do once tooth pain begins aboard a flight so prevention is key.”

“If you do suspect a problem with your pearly whites, visit your dentist for a check-up well in advance of your flight,” it adds.

The thought of having bubbles under our teeth from dental work is more than enough to stop us heading to the clinic anytime soon.

Please excuse us while we cancel all of our upcoming flights.

We feel the only way to get through this news is to take out our teeth altogether. So please excuse us while we do that too.


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