Here’s a new and improved way to solve your hotel analysis paralysis.

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What is a time-savvy travel agent to do in a world plagued with inefficient hotel search platforms?

The trouble with the trade is that sifting through thousands or sometimes a million hotels puts extra time pressures on travel agents. 

It’s a colossal inefficiency at a time when we’re used to seeing curated searches from the likes of Netflix and Amazon. 

Global accommodation wholesaler,’s decades-long quest for innovation led to the question: can wholesale accommodation adopt these custom curation mechanisms to benefit travel agents? 

That’s what they did. built their robust platform to help you offer your customers a concise choice of hotels with the efficiency of highly curated searches. Their results have heralded a new era of trade-only accommodation that can satisfy the discerning traveller that does away with the “one size fits all” model.

What’s more, their new website offers even more sophisticated searches, saving time and money; and bolstering your reputation with customers.

Updates to curations

Key features remain unchanged. However, has based their new search engine around lifestyle categories, with collections like Beach, Luxe, Wellness, City, Business, Family, and many more. 

The platform considers what you have previously booked, as well as what’s hot at the moment with other agents. The more you use it, the more tailored the algorithm’s suggestions will be, which means less filter toggling, and more booking.

And yes, you’ll still be able to type in a specific property name if your customer knows where they want to stay.

Benefits for agents

The demands for superior customer experience are at an all-time high, and the pressure is on travel agents to deliver quality service at scale. Platforms like bring the ideal hotel to you, giving you back time to spend building rapport with your clients.

And with a bespoke algorithm returning more accurate search results that previously may have been buried, it can gain intel on products that work for agents, ensuring they get the visibility they deserve.

So you never know; the algorithm may even throw hotels and categories into the mix you didn’t even think of for your customer, creating opportunities to upsell.

Give yourself a break. Check out’s new website and make a booking in no time today.

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