Seven ways Cambodia’s most fashionable hotel became a sustainability icon in Asia

Seven ways Cambodia’s most fashionable hotel became a sustainability icon in Asia
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    Jaya House River Park Siem Reap permeates sophistication, style and world-class hospitality – a discreet luxury hideaway that has garnered an elite reputation amongst discerning and curious travellers.

    It has been listed in the ‘Top 25 hotels in the world’ list for the last four years running.

    Channelling 1960’s Cambodian modernism, Khmer art-deco sculptures are seamlessly blended into the property’s interiors and 36 guest rooms. Understated and timeless, the boutique hotel is fitted with sustainable wood and stone throughout, with walls showcasing the breathtaking talents of Siem Reap Art School’s students.

    Jaya House, Cambodia. (Supplied)

    But the reason for Jaya House River Park’s global acclaim extends far beyond its style and guest service credentials, with a much deeper and more meaningful root.

    With esteemed hotelier, UN sustainable tourism advisor and international speaker Christian De Boerat at the helm, Jaya House River Park is a global trailblazer for responsible travel and positive impact tourism, championing a primary purpose to improve the lives of Khmers (Cambodians). 

    Seven ways Jaya House River Park guests make an immediate positive impact:

    1. Guests are encouraged to purchase educational books before arrival for donation to local communities.
    2. Every guest becomes a part of the ‘Refill Not Landfill’ campaign.
    3. All guest bookings contribute to Jaya House River Park’s free staff education scheme and employment opportunities for disadvantaged locals.
    4. Dining with purpose – backing local suppliers and sustainable food practices.
    5. Putting local enterprises on a global stage.
    6. Immediate contributions to monthly donations to support Landmine Relief.
    7. Supporting the campaign Getting Cambodian children off the streets.

    “There’s a growing category of slower, longer and more conscious travel, and as Southeast Asia offers exceptional value for money, tourism to the region is expected to grow in 2024,” MD, Jaya House River Park, Christian De Boer, said.

    “I’m humbled that Jaya House River Park has been voted the number one hotel in Cambodia for the last six years running – but our responsibility to improve local welfare and minimise tourist damage is more important than ever.

    “We look forward to inspiring more guests to make a difference whilst they visit this beautiful country in 2024.”

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