Review – The Taj Palace, New Delhi luxury & serenity combine in the bustling Indian capital

Review – The Taj Palace, New Delhi luxury & serenity combine in the bustling Indian capital
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    India is climbing up everybody’s travel list, whether as a tourist to marvel at the never- ending experience- machine that is now the world’s most populous country, or increasingly to travel for business, as we all enter India’s boom years.

    First Impression/ Look and feel on arrival 

    Stunning settings at the Taj. (Supplied)

    The dramatic staircase up to the main lobby welcomes visitors alongside the hotel team, who will place garlands around your neck and a bindi on your forehead to let you know you’ve arrived. Large windows around the expansive main room give a sense of space and look out on the six acres of grounds and the pool. There is even a 9- hole putting green.


    Parkland near the Taj Palace. (Supplied)

    The Taj Palace is located within the Diplomatic Enclave area of New Delhi, placing it close to the business and commercial hubs of the city. It’s the perfect place to stay on a business trip or to even host an event as it has its own convention centre and can easily cater for groups. Being a little out of the hustle and bustle of town and closer to New Delhi’s green spaces make it also a good choice to unwind in after a day tackling the metropolis.

    The Rooms 

    Rooms at the Taj. (Supplied)

    There are a range of rooms and price points, the most luxurious coming with their own garden terraces and views of the pool. The hotel has a specialised electronic air filtration system, so no matter how bad the pollution gets outside, and it can get very bad, the air inside is totally fine. Not surprisingly, there’s a great spa, the J Wellness circle, where you can find all the treatments you want, combining the best of Eastern and Western traditions, and all the guided yoga and meditation that you have time for.


    Dining at the Taj. (Supplied)

    As always with the Taj Hotels, the restaurants are second to none. You can sample the best of Indian cuisine at their Loya restaurant, something more European at the charming Orient Express designed to feel like you’re in a train carriage. Or try authentic Chinese fare at the flamboyant Spicy Duck. The Blue Bar is an excellent cocktail bar and the perfect spot to invite guests to for a catch up or to debrief with your travelling companions.

    The Verdict 

    The Taj Palace. (Supplied)

    Overall, the Taj Palace is a great option for a stay in Delhi, whether you’re passing through on the way to visit other parts of Rajasthan and India, or Delhi is your main destination.

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