Revealed: these are the Airbnb capitals of the world

A colorful street in London with houses in a row

Since launching almost 10 years ago, Airbnb properties can now be booked just about anywhere.

With over four million properties worldwide, the accommodation platform has blown up, opening up new ways to travel but also having serious consequences on local communities.

But which city has the most Airbnb properties?

According to data from Inkifi, the city with by far the most Airbnb listings is London, with 59,378 listings at time of publishing, followed by Paris (34,395), New York City (34,187), Shanghai (30,250) and Beijing (26,750).

Sydney and Melbourne ranked ninth and 10th respectively, with 22,604 listings in Sydney and 19,955 in Melbourne.

The city with the lowest concentration of Airbnb listings is Naypyidaw, Myanmar with only five properties, followed by Kuwait City, Kuwait (8), Vaduz, Liechtenstein (11), San Marino, San Marino (17) and Port Louis, Mauritius (17).

In terms of Australian cities, Canberra faired the worst with only 1,048 listings, ranking at 155 of the 206 cities ranked.

Source: Inkifi

Source: Inkifi

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