Rail Europe continue to make services more appealing with new booking systems and countries to visit

Rail Europe continue to make services more appealing with new booking systems and countries to visit

Rail Europe has kicked off 2023 with the focus of making it’s services more appealing as demand for rail travel grows alongside the need to ensure a smooth booking experience.

A range of new features have been implemented that not only address these points, but also reinforce Rail Europe’s position as the leading rail European rail provider in Australia/New Zealand and globally.

The new credit option, that allows guests to book travel and make payment once a month into a local Australian/New Zealand bank means Rail Europe services stand out to travellers, providing not only cash flow benefits, but also the ease of paying in ones own currency and negating any confusion around exchange rates.

Richard Leonard, general manager APAC, Rail Europe says this not only eliminates additional admin work and international bank charges, but essentially, provides advisors the assurance that the company is committed to meeting their evolving needs, while constantly improving the platform’s UX, portfolio of products, and customer service at every level.

“Train is unquestionably the most sustainable, cost effective and scenic way to travel,” he said.

“Our portfolio continues to expand and now includes International DB trains heading to Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands.”

By March, Eurail pass holder fares will also be available to compliment a Eurail Pass booking, making Rail Europe the only global distribution partner offering such inventory.

Advisors and travellers can also look forward to the inclusion of scenic trains requiring a reservation in Switzerland, most overnight trains, as well as services to Eastern Europe via Austria.

Finally, Leonard encourages advisors who haven’t done so to get their login to the Easy Rail Access booking tool, and sign up to Rail Europe’s monthly webinars and closed Facebook group as these will enable seamless payment of commission per booking as well as access to special incentives and exclusive agents offers.

“We cherish the direct and open relationship we have with our advisors who book directly with us on our B2B platform, and who continue to support us as we strive for continuous improvement.”

Rail Europe has operated since 1932, now services over 20,000 stations across 24 countries through 105 rail operators.

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