Rail Europe adds Austria’s ÖBB to its B2B platform

Rail Europe adds Austria’s ÖBB to its B2B platform
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    Rail Europe has announced the addition of Austria’s ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen) on its B2b platforms.

    Advisors and partners now have access to a broader range of domestic and international rail routes to/from and within Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and other countries.

    ÖBB overnight train. (Supplied)

    The integration of ÖBB in Rail Europe‘s inventory also significantly expands the brand’s offering of night trains; and with ÖBB Nightjet expanding its services to reach more destinations, travellers can enjoy a better selection of convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly journeys around Europe.

    Every year, ÖBB transports over 320 million passengers, with all train and station electricity generated from renewable sources.

    It stands as one of the most punctual railway operators in Europe, boasting a punctuality rate of around 97 per cent in passenger transport.

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