Quick guide to Selling Tours and Activities

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Has selling tours and activities often fallen into your ‘too hard basket’ with the effort not being met by the return?

It’s a new age for agents with API technology allowing them to easily search, book and earn from these previously pesky add-ons to the meat and potato flight and accommodation bookings.

Rezdy CEO Simon Lenoir said: “Agents are no longer limited to the half-page or page of tours for major cities in the wholesale brochures. Being from France I heartily encourage that all visitors to Paris climb the Eiffel Tower and visit the Louvre but I also love that with Rezdy’s Marketplace agents can easily search and recommend tours and activities that allow their clients to experience the city in new ways such as a private photography tour or a tour of East Village with a Parisian in his Fiat Panda!

“Not only can agents access 40,000 products in over 80 countries – searchable by location, interest, age, category and more. They can make bookings in real-time with instant confirmation,” Lenoir continued.

Rezdy(eeee) has compiled the Four E’s for why you should consider selling tours and activities:

  1. Earn: It’s perhaps the most simple but compelling reason – add tours and activities to your client’s itineraries and add to your profit margin. Rezdy manages commission payments by guaranteeing payments and processing payment as soon as the order is fulfilled.
  2. Expertise: The perennial challenge for agents is proving their value and remaining relevant in the age of OTAs and direct bookings. The agent who can not only recommend but easily book the experiences that clients will be sharing on social media and bragging about to their friends is invaluable – whether it’s touring Surfer’s Paradise in a fire truck with Fire4hire, testing your fighter jet skills at the Air Combat Centre or putting on your baker’s apron to make tasty treats with Kimberly Chocolates.
  3. Ease: Life isn’t always easy but travel should be. No one wants to spend hard earned income and precious holiday time sitting in a Starbucks researching activities on unreliable free Wi-Fi or feeling like their options are limited to the fliers in the hotel lobby. Take the unknown and hassle away from your clients and allow them to spend more quality time exploring the destination and enjoying tours they’re doing by choice rather than lack of options.
  4. Ensure: No matter how much a client likes to ‘get off the beaten path’ there are some attractions, activities and tours that are must-dos. There’s also not much worse than the disappointment of planning to do a unique local experience but discovering on arrival that it’s booked out or doesn’t operate the day they are in town. Instant bookings with Rezdy guarantees their spot and means no more muddling through names and dates over the phone with suppliers and hoping for the best when your clients arrive.

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