Queen Voyages engine room ‘blows up’ while docked in Portland

Queen Voyages engine room ‘blows up’ while docked in Portland
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    A member of staff on board American Queen Voyages’ Ocean Navigator has suffered burns from a fire caused by a generator explosion.

    Officials said the ship was docked at Portland, Maine, on Wednesday morning when the fire, which caused one member serious injuries, broke out.

    The Portland Fire Department attended the scene around 7:30 am local time after receiving reports of smoke billowing out of Ocean Navigators’ engine room.

    The ship was carrying 128 passengers, most of whom were not on board the ship at the time, as well as 82 crew.

    The member of the crew who was injured in the fire required serious medical attention, though his injuries are not considered life-threatening.

    “The Coast Guard prevention and response team reported to the site as well as the ATF, Maine State Fire Marshal, Maine State Fire Investigator, Portland Fire Department and Customs and Border Patrol,” a spokesperson for the local Coast Guard told CBS News

    The cause of the explosion and subsequent fire is now under investigation.

    All passengers and crew are now being housed in a local hotel while the ship is assessed.

    (Featured image: Generator explodes on cruise ship in Portland, officials confirm – Source: wmtv.com)

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