Princess Cruises treats top agents to the delights of Alaska

Princess Cruises treats top agents to the delights of Alaska

Princess Cruises hosted a group of travel agents onboard to experience its most popular land and sea holiday in September 2023.

Top agents from TravelManagers and Flight Centre who had sold Princess Cruises during the incentive period were rewarded with a seven-day voyage in Alaska onboard Grand Princess, experiencing a range of popular destinations including Vancouver, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, College Fjord and Whittier.

Agents also experienced Princess’ exclusive Direct-to-the-Wilderness Alaska rail service, staying close to the National Park at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge.

From left to right: Amy Thomme- Flight Centre Cardiff, Zoe Hemming- TravelManagers, Rob Dibenedetto-Flight Centre Bayside, Karen Whitehead- TravelManagers, Mitch Waddingham-Flight Centre Brighton, Rachaelle Tyrrell & Elly Eves-Princess Hosts, Claire Camin- TravelManagers, Rebecca Tiedgen- TravelManagers.

Suspension Bridge Vancouver – Back Row: Mitch Waddingham-Flight Centre Brighton, Sinead Phillips- TravelManagers, Elly Eves-Princess, Rebecca Tiedgen- TravelManagers, Rob Dibenedetto-Flight Centre Bayside, Karen Quelch-Flight Centre Morayfield, Melanie Tipper-Flight Centre Ocean Keys, Karen Whitehead- TravelManagers, Vikki Southern- TravelManagers, Jenna Nochez-Flight Centre Beenleigh, Julia McLean- TravelManagers HQ, Simone Elwell-Flight Centre Gateways, Zoe Hemming- TravelManagers, Michelle Kingston- TravelManagers, Rachaelle Tyrrell-Princess
Front Row: Phoebe Luong- TravelManagers, Amy Ferguson- TravelManagers, Claire Camin – TravelManagers, Amy Thomme-Flight Centre Cardiff, Natalia Welsh-Destination Vancouver Host, Kerri-Anne Hands-Flight Centre Port Macquarie

This year, Princess Cruises marks a milestone 55 years of sailing guests to Alaska. The 2024 season runs from May to September, and this year Princess Cruises will again offer more choices than any other cruise line with seven ships and five scenic Wilderness Lodges covering every part of Alaska.

With just over three months until the season kicks off special cruise deals are available now. Travel agents are encouraged to call 1300 587 473 or click here.

(Featured Image L-R: Rebecca Tiedgen- TravelManagers, Melanie Tipper (back)Flight Centre Ocean Keys, Michelle Kingston (back)- TravelManagers, Elly Eves-Princess, Mitch Waddingham (front)-Flight Centre Brighton, Simone Elwell-Flight Centre Gateways, Julia McLean- TravelManagers HQ, Amy Ferguson- TravelManagers, Jenna Nochez (back)-Flight Centre Beenleigh, Michelle Lehn (back)- TravelManagers, Amy Thomme-Flight Centre Cardiff, Rob Dibenedetto-Flight Centre Bayside, Sinead Phillips (back)- TravelManagers, Karen Quelch-Flight Centre Morayfield, Claire Camin (front)- TravelManagers, Kerri-Anne Hands (back)-Flight Centre Port Macquarie, Vikki Southern (back)- TravelManagers, Zoe Hemming- TravelManagers, Phoebe Luong- TravelManagers, Karen Whitehead- TravelManagers, Rachaelle Tyrrell-Princess)

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