Ocean Playground: Lord Howe Island Tourism calls for lovers of the sea

View south over the stunningly beautiful Lord Howe Island from Malabar lookout. Lagoons on both sides of the island are visible, as well as the peaks of Mts Lidgbird and Gower at the far end of the island. The sky and ocean are brilliant blue.

Following outdoor giant, Patagonia’s announcement its latest short film set on Lord Howe Island, its tourism board has called for lovers of the sea to experience it themself.

Located about 600 kilometres east of Port Macquarie is a small, stunning island that is renowned for its incredible biodiversity and numerous unique species of plants, birds and marine life, so much so that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Accommodation on the island ranges from resorts, lodges, cottages and the notable Pinetrees Lodge which achieved carbon-neutral certification under the federal government’s Climate Active Program in 2020.

Patagonia’s newest short film, KIN, showcases the value of Marine Protected Areas for local communities and a thriving ocean was announced last week.

Tim Maxwell, a spokesperson for Lord Howe Island Tourism (LHI) told Travel Weekly it was great to be recognised by a brand like Patagonia.

“Patagonia is a brand with incredible values and is very active in seeing those values realised,” Maxwell said.

“Here on Lord Howe Island, protecting our diverse and unique environment has been of the highest priority ever since (and even before) our world heritage listing in 1982.

“To be recognised for these efforts by a leader in our global community for eco-consciousness is an incredible honour and one that has created a beautiful buzz amongst the community.”

Directed by Lauren L. Hill, featuring professional surfer, Dave Rastovich, KIN showcases Lord Howe Island as an ocean lovers wonderland.

Surfing on Lord Howe Island. (Source: Lord Howe Island Australia – Surfing on Lord Howe Island.)

“We welcome all ocean enthusiasts,” Maxwell continued.

“The number of activities to do with our pristine playground are too many to fit into a week.

“Being a remote island, we receive whatever wind or swell is passing through, our many beaches and reefs have a diverse set of conditions that make them shine, not just for surfing (a well-kept secret) but for freediving, snorkelling, Scuba diving and kayaking.

“Due to the restrictions on visitor numbers you never have to worry about large crowds interrupting your connection to the unique marine environment below or above!”

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