New study reveals European countries with the longest Alien visits (in case you were wondering)

New study reveals European countries with the longest Alien visits (in case you were wondering)

With the CIA releasing thousands of archives that have brought extraterrestrial life back into the limelight, we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon with some research from the supernatural savvy folk over at

The website has analysed official sightings from across Europe documenting the frequency of sightings, duration and what kind of UFO was seen, just in case you’ve been wondering what the extraterrestrials are getting up to on the other side of the world.

The research revealed that Europe has had 994 UFO sightings, all lasting an average of 12 minutes. The most common type of UFO witnessed are unidentified flying discs.

If you are a UFO enthusiast, Monaco is likely to provide you with the longest sightings, which last an average of 45 minutes! Of the four confirmed sightings, the most prevalent type of UFOs in Monaco are flying discs.

Liechtenstein ranks second with UFO sightings lasting an average of 39 minutes. Of the 12 confirmed instances, most witnesses claim to have seen a light formation moving in the sky.

Following behind in third and fourth position are Latvia and Ukraine, with sightings lasting an average of 24 minutes and 22 minutes, respectively.

San Marino is the country where UFOs spend the least amount of time with no confirmed sightings, following closely behind is Georgia, with the average sighting lasting just 15 seconds. Both of the two sightings have been unexplained ‘fireballs’ in the sky.

Luxembourg, Andorra and Montenegro rank joint third, with witness sightings lasting an average of just one minute.

Ireland stands as Europe’s UFO hotspot with 105 sightings lasting an average of 13 minutes. Records are mainly of unexplainable bright lights – the second most prevalent type in Europe. These lights are described as being either red, white or blue.

France ranks second with 71 confirmed sightings. However, these only last an average of six minutes (less than half of Ireland’s). Much like Liechtenstein, most witnesses in France have recorded a light formation in the sky.

Spain follows closely with seventy recorded sightings, predominantly of diamond-shaped UFO’s. Sightings in Spain last an average of 12 minutes.

RankCountryNumber of sightingsAverage duration of sightings (Minutes)Most prevalent type of UFO
2France716Light formation
4Germany5411Light formation
5Netherlands5118Light formation


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