New G Adventures research reveals what Aussie travellers are setting as their ‘restart resolutions’

New G Adventures research reveals what Aussie travellers are setting as their ‘restart resolutions’

New research has revealed that a majority of Aussie and Kiwi travellers prioritise want to prioritise making sustainable choices when the time is right to travel again.

The survey was conducted by G Adventures to find out travellers’ ‘restart resolutions’ in terms of why they want to head out into the world again, what is most important to them when they do, and how they will change their travel behaviours to have a more positive impact on the planet and its people.

When asked the main reason why they wanted to travel again, the top answer from travellers was to immerse themselves in a different culture (66 per cent), followed by the desire to reconnect with the world (49 per cent), with one-third of travellers (37 per cent) also looking to connect with nature on their next international trip.

When it comes to what is important to Aussies and Kiwis when they travel again, the majority consider the most important factor in their holiday choice to be that their money benefits local people (73 per cent), followed by ensuring wildlife is protected where they go (53 per cent).

Nearly half of travellers (46 per cent) want to avoid over-touristed destinations on their next trip, with 54 per cent stating that they will visit more remote places and less-visited areas of a destination when they retravel.

The survey respondents were also asked to commit to one ‘big small action’ they could take to ensure they travel better when international travel returns.

The most common commitment was to support local people and businesses (37 per cent), closely followed by doing more research before they book their trip (34 per cent), with a further 17 per cent of travellers making a commitment to reduce plastic and/or bring a reusable bottle with them when they go.

Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, said the survey results give agents more reason to book their travellers now for travel later once restrictions are lifted.

“It’s apparent travellers want their holidays to be more meaningful after this forced hiatus for international travel,” he said.

“They want their money to support local people in the destinations they go to, and the best way for people to show their support now is to make a commitment to travel, so these communities can benefit later.

“We understand there’s uncertainty in terms of when people will be able to travel, but with our flexible booking conditions, customers can have peace of mind, as well as a trip booked to look forward to when restrictions lift.

“We know there is pent-up demand building, so now is the time to be booking ahead for when we can travel again.”

Featured image source: G Adventures

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