Market Check: Which cruise line’s stock price soared and which dropped?

Market Check: Which cruise line’s stock price soared and which dropped?

It’s Friday again so that means it’s time to take a gander at which travel company stocks rose, dropped or just didn’t really change all that much.

In our table and analysis below, we have compared each company’s stock price from this morning to last Friday morning. Read on below for the gist of the past week’s activity or check out the table for all the juicy numbers (or do both!)

Despite Qantas’ livery being red (or green in this case) the national carrier is in the black for this week. Air New Zealand lived by the colour of its livery with a similar jump to Qantas, while Rex posted a small loss. Overall, not much movement for the aviation sector.

It’s been a mixed bag for for the major travel agencies with Flight Centre Travel Group posting a 3.58 per cent loss and Corporate Travel Management seeing a worse result. However, Helloworld has bucked the trend, bringing home the bacon with a 3.64 per cent increase.

Overseas, Boeing was flying high literally and metaphorically this week with a 5.3 per cent increase. Boeing’s stock price has risen over 22 per cent in just the past month as it approaches its one year high of US$243.10.

Meanwhile the cruise sector has seen smooth sailing for some, while rocky waters for others. Carnival reported a loss of nearly seven per cent over the past week while NCLH rose over six per cent. Royal Caribbean saw a respectable bump of 2.38 per cent.

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CompanyLast week’s priceThis morning’s priceChange (%)
Qantas Airways Ltd (ASX: QAN)$5.26$5.30+ 0.76
Flight Centre Travel Group (ASX: FLT)$19.01$18.33– 3.58
Helloworld Travel Ltd (ASX: HLO)$2.47$2.56+ 3.64
Webjet Ltd (ASX: WEB)$6.77$6.57– 2.95
Corporate Travel Management Ltd (ASX: CTD)$18.97$18.06– 4.80
Star Entertainment Group Ltd (ASX: SGR)$0.50$0.52+ 4.00
Regional Express Holdings Ltd (ASX: REX)$0.87$0.86– 1.15
Air New Zealand Ltd (ASX: AIZ)$0.61$0.62+ 1.64
Auckland International Airport Ltd (ASX: AIA)$7.36$7.43+ 0.95
American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ: AAL) (USD)$12.31$12.44+ 1.06
Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) (USD)$219.91$231.63+ 5.33
Carnival PLC (NYSE: CUK) (USD$14.47$13.48– 6.84
Hilton Grand Vacations Inc (NYSE: HLT) (USD)$171.05$167.52– 2.06
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NYSE: NCLH) (USD)$14.39$15.27+ 6.12
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (NYSE: RCL) (USD)$104.96$107.46+ 2.38


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