Mangrove labyrinths, natural jacuzzis and world-renowned spas: Southeast Asia’s secret wellness hub

Mangrove labyrinths, natural jacuzzis and world-renowned spas: Southeast Asia’s secret wellness hub

From secluded tropical island stays and resort spas to ancient rainforests and natural jacuzzis, Malaysia is the perfect destination for wellness travel.

This genre of tourism has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years, and with it, the breadth and depth of holistic healing on offer through travel has been expanded.

Think awe-inspiring immersion in the natural world that will benefit your clients bodies and minds, ecotourism experiences that will leave them with a sense of gratitude and connection, and cultural activities for a sense of spiritual fulfilment.

Here is a fresh perspective on wellness travel featuring a few gems from Malaysia’s ample artillery.

Reconnect with nature in ancient rainforests and mangrove labyrinths

Malaysia’s largest national park, Taman Negara, is home to one of the world’s oldest rainforests, predicted to be 130 million years old and spanning 4,343 square kilometres.

Image source: iStock/Abdelrahman M Hassanein

The park has an abundance of activities on offer to help foster a connection to the natural world including hiking, rapid shooting, fishing, river cruising, night walks in the jungle, animal spotting, spelunking, four-wheel driving and canopy walking, just to name a few.

There are also eco-resorts and guest houses scattered throughout the park, if lounging about surrounded by natural beauty is more your client’s thing.

Another unique national park is Pulau Kukup, which is situated on one of the world’s largest mangrove islands.

The uninhabited island is a vital refuge for mangrove-associated flora and fauna including 18 species of mangrove and magnificent creatures like the flat-headed cat, bearded pig, flying foxes, smooth otters, saltwater crocodiles and dog-faced water snakes.

Your clients can marvel at this unique ecosystem and gain a fresh appreciation for nature by soaking up a panoramic view on the island’s five-storey suspension bridge or even join conservation efforts by planting a mangrove tree of their own.

Delicious brews and magnificent views

With Ipoh to the north and Kampar to the south, Gopeng’s strategic location in Kinta Valley Geopark is the ideal spot for a relaxing escape amongst tea plantations and glamping fit for a royal.

Clients can sip delicious brews and soak up magnificent views at the Gaharu Tea Valley. Here, they can sample gaharu ice cream made from 100 per cent natural ingredients and hug a tree at Hugging Park or snap a photo of the famous rainbow stairs at Lover’s Park.

For a touch of luxury while staying submerged in the natural beauty of the area, you can’t go past Gopeng Glamping Park.

Image source: Gopeng Glamping Park

Surrounded by hills, rivers, caves and forest; the park offers a unique and glamorous experience complete with all the comforts of home, delicious food and plenty of activities ranging from relaxing in a huge hammock, taking in a fire show or adrenaline-pumping ecoadventure activities.

Relax in a natural jacuzzi

Nestled within the Angsi Forest Reserve enclave, Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest’s lush tropical setting with winding moss-covered footpaths and the soothing sound of the gurgling stream are sure to melt away your clients’ worries and leave them feeling utterly serene.

Image source: Tourism Malaysia

The recreational forest is also perfect for swimming in ponds or wading along the meandering stream. There are many boulders along the river which cause the water to flow rapidly, almost massaging and soothing tired nerves, similar to a natural jacuzzi! Clients can lie back against the rock and let the rushing water work its magic.

The forest has many facilities including changing rooms, restrooms, food and equipment shops and campsites.

World-renowned spas and a hidden rainforest

We could not talk about wellness travel without mentioning Malaysia’s world-renowned spas.

While the country’s destination spas are gaining international acclaim, the day spas and hotel spas in the country’s capital city are sure to impress even your most pampered clients.

Image source: iStock/chee gin tan

Here, your clients can indulge in a wide range of treatments featuring home-grown herbs and locally produced ingredients including full-body massage, hair treatment, pedicure, manicure, facial, sauna and steam baths, body wraps, mud baths and body scrubs.

Highlights include the Ritz Carlton’s luxurious Spa Village, Ossota KL’s three-storey wellness centre, Moroccan beauty secrets at Hammam Spa KL, the Mandarin Oriental’s recently refurbished Spa and St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s heaven on earth Iridium Spa.

Even while visiting Kuala Lumpur’s bustling streets, clients can immerse themselves in natural beauty with a visit to KL Forest Eco Park. Hidden in plain sight next to the famous KL Tower is around nine hectares of rich jungle packed with endangered fauna and wildlife, including very outgoing monkeys.

The forest transports weary urban travellers from chaotic cityscape to pristine primordial rainforest with an array of man-made and natural trails to explore.

Malaysia is ready to welcome your clients, once the time is right to travel again.

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