Kyiv hotel serves 15,000 meals a day through Airbnb donations

Kyiv hotel serves 15,000 meals a day through Airbnb donations

A hotel in Kyiv is using donations from Airbnb to deliver 15,000 meals a day despite constant air raid sirens and military attacks on the Ukrainian capital.

£22,830 ($AUD40,628) has been donated to Campus Community A-Hotel in the city centre to keep their kitchen open and cook for military personnel, orphanages, nursing homes, and hospitals in Kyiv.

Artur Gabovich, one of the hotel’s owners, expressed his gratefulness for the donations and said the hotel staff will “never give up” working to provide for the city.

“It shows big support for our country, for our people, and for what is going on,” Gabovich told the PA news agency.

“People are booking rooms, and they consider it a donation because nobody will come to a hotel right now – of course, we’re in the centre of a war.

“God bless, we are not touched by any bombs or rockets but we are in the centre of the city, so it’s a very good location (to send food from).”

The hotel is situated above a bomb shelter where an internet company set up online education for children in the shelter.

“When the (sirens start), people can easily go downstairs and stay safe in the bomb shelter,” Gabovich said.

“The guys from the internet company are doing a great job. They support all the connection so teachers from one shelter can teach children in another shelter.”

The rooms at the hotel cost between £7-10 ($AUD12-18) per night and the cost of meals, medicine, and shipment fees to transport the food are covered.

According to the Independent, Briton Paul Sutton, donated to the hotel from Leeds, praising the work Airbnb has done by allowing people to book rooms across Ukraine without staying in them.

“We’ve booked four nights, with a promise that when I get paid on the 15th, I’ll be putting another donation in – and we’ll keep on going every month if we need to,” Sutton said.

“It’s brought a lot of people close together and for them, I hope it’s reassuring that they know so many people are on their side – not just political and military (people), all the rest of us.

“While the air raid sirens are going off and while they’re feeling scared and alone, this global community erupted to help and I’m a very, very, tiny part of that.”

To donate to the Campus Community A-Hotel via Airbnb click HERE.

Featured Image: Campus Community A-Hotel | Booking/Campus Community A-hotel

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