INCENTIVE: Score $100 for every Collette booking you make this month

INCENTIVE: Score $100 for every Collette booking you make this month
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    Collette has announced that consultants will earn a $100 gift voucher for each booking they make in March 2024.

    Any booking made and deposited in March for tours departing through March 31, 2025 qualifies for the bonus. There is no limit to how much consultants can earn with this offer.

    The vouchers will be paid out in April 2024, regardless if travellers elect to cancel their bookings.

    For reservations, consultants can contact Collette directly, or their local business development manager.

    “We value travel consultants and want to see them succeed,” said Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, chief executive officer at Collette.

    “This offer is one more way for us to show them our appreciation when they provide their customers with their expertise in planning a dream holiday.”

    Collette’s CEO Jaclyn Liebl-Cote

    Leibl-Cote recently made her way Down Under where she told Travel Weekly that Australians are “the best travellers,” adding that the pent up travel demand Australians felt due to the pandemic has driven them to earn that number one spot.

    To capitalise on this, Collette is undergoing further expansions in the Aussie market and is alerting the travel trade of Collette’s offerings.

    “Where we’re expanding is with our sales team to make sure that we’re getting front of advisors, that we’re doing the trainings, that they understand who Colette is [and] how we set ourselves apart from the other guided tour companies out there,” she said.

    A great draw for Aussies in the Collette offerings range is the exploration small group product line that looks to immerse travellers in a destination.

    “You’re getting some of the ‘musts’, but you’re also getting some of the things that you might not choose to do on your own but are really great travel destinations as well,” Leibl-Cote said, adding that Collette’s focus on connecting with the customer experience and opening itself up to local influence on its tours is what sets it apart.

    Read more on Liebl-Cote’s visit Down Under here.

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