Here’s what Aussie travellers fear most

Here’s what Aussie travellers fear most

Don’t forget to take your vitamin C and olive leaf extract, because new research has revealed that Aussie travellers are TERRIFIED of getting sick overseas.

As in more terrified than losing a child. Yep.


The findings come from a survey of 1000 Aussie travellers commissioned by InsureandGo.

Respondents were presented with 11 potential incidents they could be faced with while travelling – from running out of money and a hotel not honouring their booking, to losing a family or group member, to theft and injury – and were asked which of these incidents they feared the most.

The results revealed that only a negligible proportion of respondents (5 per cent) chose to lose their family or a member of their group as their biggest fear when travelling – overshadowed by five other potential scenarios which ranked higher.

Which is a little concerning, to say the least.

Outweighing this incident four-fold and taking out the number one travel fear, was the fear of getting sick – with more than one in five Aussies (22 per cent) choosing this.

The findings also reveal that the fear of getting sick has increased in the last five years for 21 per cent of respondents.

Losing belongings or passports came in as the second, with 20 per cent of respondents choosing this incident as their biggest fear.

12 per cent of Aussies labelled coming back home unexpectedly (due to any number of reasons) and running out of money as their biggest travel fears.

Surprisingly, only 8 per cent of respondents chose getting injured as their biggest fear when travelling.

The fear of getting lost themselves or theft was chosen by 5 per cent of respondents.

Getting assaulted while travelling was the biggest fear chosen by only four (4) per cent of respondents.

So apparently Aussies are nothing but a bunch of reckless hypochondriacs.

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