G’Day K’gari! Fraser Island has been restored to its Indigenous title

Fraser Island - Queensland, Australia - March 11, 2017: Group of tourists standing on the coastal headland named 'Indian Head' in Fraser Island, Australia.
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    ‘K’gari’ will be reinstated as Fraser Island’s official place name. Announced during a ceremony on the island today, the name change comes into effect immediately, with tourism businesses to make the transition over the coming weeks and months.

    The name change follows a range of engagement with local stakeholders since 2011 and a significant public consultation in 2022 which received almost 6,000 submissions. Many businesses and organisations have already proactively changed their names or marketing material to recognise the widespread acceptance of K’gari (pronounced without the ‘k’).

    It is not mandatory for tourism businesses to change their name if it includes the words ‘Fraser Island’ (though they can if they like), but all businesses have been encouraged to incorporate K’gari on their promotional material eg. Bob’s Fraser Island Tours operating on K’gari.

    In line with this change, Fraser Coast Tourism and Events with support from TEQ are developing a transition plan for the Fraser Coast region including longer-term destination brand development, a marketing plan and an industry and trade training program.

    TEQ is undergoing an extensive update to all marketing channels starting tomorrow and is proactively sharing the news through media and trade networks globally. Marketing activities – such as the release of TEQ’s new K’gari video – have also commenced.

    ATDW listings that currently have ‘Fraser Island’ as the suburb name will automatically update to ‘K’gari’ from tomorrow.

    TEQ and Fraser Coast Tourism have said that the correct naming convention is K’gari – it is not a dual naming convention of K’gari (Fraser Island), nor would you use ‘K’gari Island’. In text, the first use of the name can appear as K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) and thereafter use K’gari only. See business resources for more detailed guidance.

    All businesses operating in the Fraser Coast region have been advised to review their marketing content, websites, signage and all materials and start the transition, using the correct naming convention.

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