Exploring the Kota Kinabalu & Kundasang nature circuit

Exploring the Kota Kinabalu & Kundasang nature circuit

There’s no country with quite so many amazing cities as Malaysia and Kota Kinabalu is another incredible city that should be on the top of every traveller’s bucket list.

Sprawling with nature, beauty and adventure, the city is a traveller’s dream with endless possibilities for all.

But the crutch of any explorer’s plans is the fact that time is limited and being able to explore every possibility of a city, unfortunately, can not happen. 

So we’re here to provide you with a quick guide on how to make the most of Kota Kinabalu’s nature circuit in a few days.

An island adventure

Like many Malaysian cities, the metropolis clashes with nature and the seas in the most beautiful combination; creating another dimension to the city.

The first spot for visitors to explore is Tunku Abdul Rahman Park which is home to sweeping beaches and isn’t too far away from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal.

There are five picturesque islands to explore within the park and each offers something unique to your clients experience. 

Manukan Island is the perfect spot for beach lovers. Palm trees with cute macaques line the soft white sand on the island and for those looking to explore the marine wildlife there are plenty of snorkelling opportunities.

But don’t worry, you’re not stranded in a deserted island, there are restaurants, clubhouses, chalets and  recreational facilities throughout!

The smallest island amongst the park is Mamutik Island, offering beautiful beaches and amazing coral reefs. There are facilities on the island, making it a perfect destination if you’re looking to get away for a while.

Sulug Island, similarly to Mamutik Island, is another small island that’s best for travellers who prefer a quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

Finally, there’s Sapi Island, which features one of the nicest beaches in the park, popular snorkelling and diving spots and one of the longest island to island ziplines in the world.

A journey to Kinabalu Park

A trip to Kota Kinabalu wouldn’t be complete without visiting Kinabalu Park; Malaysia’s first world heritage site. 

Kinabalu Park houses the amazing Mt Kinabalu – the highest in Malaysia.

The park is rich with unique wildlife and incredibly picturesque scenes that will sit with you for years.

Travellers can enjoy a park that boasts an estimated 4,500 species of plants which include 1,500 species of orchids, 77 of which are endemic to Kinabalu. The park also supports 289 species of birds and 290 different types of butterflies. 

To make the most out of the park, travellers should take the Poring Hot Spring tour, which is about an hour away from Kinabalu Park. This is a journey that takes tourists through the park in the morning and then after lunch they will hit Poring Hot Spring.

Here travellers can take a soothing sulphur bath in the Japanese-styled open-air tubs. Your clients can relax in the all-natural mineral-rich hot springs water, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. There is also a cold water pool nearby for those who prefer a cold dip.

But the journey through the park wouldn’t be complete without an immersive exploration of Mount Kinabalu’s treetops.

Poring Treetop Canopy Walk invites travellers to witness the majestic grandeur of a hundred million-year-old rainforest, spanning from a 105m length walkway that is suspended 30 metres above the lush jungly tangles.

Your clients can take in the beautiful sights and sounds and discover unique rainforest creatures from a bird’s eye view. They should also keep an eye out for some rare feathered beauties.

The park has every type of travellers demands met with options for bird-watching, guided trekking, climbing and camping. Kinabalu Park has such a rich array of wildlife that every traveller will marvel at this incredible display of nature.

So if your client is the outdoorsy type with just a few days to explore Kota Kinabalu and Kundasang, there are plenty of ways for them to utilise their time around the city and nearby attractions.

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