Exhibition set on hit Netflix show, Derry Girls, to boost tourism in Londonderry

Exhibition set on hit Netflix show, Derry Girls, to boost tourism in Londonderry

A new exhibition at the Tower Museum in Derry-Londonderry will feature a treasure trove of original items from fan favourite series, Derry Girls, in what is expected to be a major tourism attraction for the next 12 months.

Set to open on 3 July, the collection will include instantly recognisable props from the show such as Erin’s diary, Ma’s 90s-style jumper featuring bacon slices and potatoes, the characters’ ID cards and uniforms, Tayto crisp bags, and even a copy of the Good Friday Agreement.

Beside every item is a quote from an episode giving context to the display and reminding viewers of the witty banter that made Derry Girls such a success.

Following the lives of four teenage girls and a boy (the wee English fella) in Derry-Londonderry, the wickedly nostalgic tribute to growing up in Northern Ireland was written by local girl Lisa McGee based on her own experiences. The series has cleaned up on the awards circuit, most recently gaining BAFTA awards for Lisa McGee and actor Siobhán McSweeney. Since airing on Netflix it has reached global audiences, shining a spotlight on the city’s warmth and humour in stark contrast to the dark days of the ‘Troubles’. The exhibition is the latest in a collection of themed activities that have been created to enable fans to re-live the antics of Derry Girls in the city that was the show’s sixth main character. A number of guided tours take fans to key show locations such as Pump Street and the Guildhall. The tours also stop at the specially commissioned Derry Girls mural on Orchard Street, created by local artists, UV Arts, and now one of the city’s most popular selfie destinations. There is an innovative Derry Girls Food Tour, which includes tastings of the girls’ favourite foods and the chance to whip up a cream horn at Doherty’s bakery. A Derry Girls Afternoon Tea at the Everglades Hotel also features the famous cream horn, as well as a cone of chips in homage to the chippy fiasco episode, and the famous Derry sausage roll baps. A classic Tayto cheese and onion crisp sandwich, and a host of local tray bake favourites that would make Ma Mary proud complete the culinary adventure. While in Derry-Londonderry be sure to visit the 400-year-old city walls and learn about the history of the city in the Tower Museum’s permanent exhibition ‘The Story of Derry’. And why not re-enact James’s moment from the end of season 2 by standing on the city wall and announcing, “I am a Derry girl!”.

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