Europe “paralysed” by heavy snow

Europe “paralysed” by heavy snow

We’ve reached that time of the year where we’re scrambling to find the air-con remote while our northern neighbours are shivering under layers of snow.

The grass is always greener ey?

To be honest, the minor inconvenience of having to shave our legs to wear cooler clothing pales in comparison to the heavy snowfall which is seriously getting in the way of everyday life in Europe.

According to different news sites, Britain is currently witnessing the heaviest snowfall in four years.

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Flights have been cancelled and a ferry ran aground in France.

Shaving our legs definitely doesn’t seem so bad now.

According to SBS News, hundred of flyers have been left stranded in Frankfurt as more than 330 flights were cancelled over the weekend.

Passengers were told to wait as planes were being “de-iced”.

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Duesseldorf Airport has also been affected by the subzero temperatures in the region.

Britain’s Birmingham Airport has also felt the full force of the extreme weather, suspending all flights on Sunday morning and one passenger calling the airport a “war zone”.

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As per SBS, a ferry carrying 300 people in France ran aground due to high winds in Calais.

There have been no reported injuries from the incident, though it has interrupted traffic in one of Europe’s busiest channels.

Stay warm out there folks!

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