Emirates trials luggage pick-up from your front door

Emirates trials luggage pick-up from your front door

It’s one of the less exciting parts of travelling, lugging big suitcases around and dodging travellers at the airport, but now this could be all over thanks to a little trial from Emirates.

The airline has given home service a crack, where they send someone to pick up customer’s bags from their house, before checking them using an electronic “check-in desk” and ferrying them off to the airport.

Per an article in The Sun, a new video doing the rounds on social media has given a sneak peek of the trials, which are currently underway in the Middle East.

Through the time-saving service, passengers get given their boarding pass when their luggage is picked up from their house, meaning all the check-in hassles have been dealt with before even leaving home.

The person has their passport scanned, flight details checked and logged, luggage tagged, and boarding passes printed. Too easy!

Per The Sun, an Emirates spokesperson told Gulf News, “At Emirates, we continually invest in innovative ways to improve the customer experience.

“At the moment we are trialling several initiatives to provide greater convenience for our customers and will share details when they become available.”

Whether it’s going to be available for all travellers, or just those in the pointy end of the plane, is yet to be determined.

Yesterday, news of Emirates new First Class suites came to light, as other airlines are making the decision to ditch this cabin in favour of better Business Class, so this could well be another perk for those paying big bucks with Emirates.

But Emirates isn’t exactly the trailblazer here. British Airways recently offered a similar service to a select number of travellers departing London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports.

Per The Sun, the airline partnered with travel tech company AirPortr, giving travellers the option of booking a slot on the AirPortr app for one of their team to pick up their luggage prior to their flight.

The team would weigh the passenger’s luggage at their home or hotel, stick a tracking barcode on it, seal it with those “anti-tamper” bags for reassurance, and ship it off to the airport.

Travellers paid between AU$34 and $69 for the privilege.

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