Does Google’s have a new travel app in the works?

Does Google’s have a new travel app in the works?

The internet is a buzz as Google is reportedly building an awesome all-in-one travel app called Trips.

Travellers often rely on the search engine for everything from maps to flight searches, and now it seems Google is working on an app that will put all the aspects of travel together.

Android World has reported that users in Google’s Local Guides program are testing a new app simply called Google Trips. It’s basically an amalgam of travel guides for various locations.

The app can pull in trip information from your emails -presumably from things such as flight itineraries and hotel reservations – and you can download the guides onto storage should you not have data connectivity, Android World said.

Breaking down the app, each guide is divided into numerous sections. There will be a ‘Getting around’ section providing information such as how to leave the airport once your flight lands, public transport, and local taxi, ridesharing and rental options, a ‘Things to do’ section showing popular locations, tailored suggestions, indoor and outdoor events and a selection of “farther away” places should you be willing to travel a bit more, as well as an alphabetical list of highlights.

The app is of course expected to include ratings from Google Maps as well.

Other sections are expected to include ‘Reservations,’ ‘Food & Drink,’ and ‘Need to know.’ Android World also says that the app heavily incorporates suggestions from locals – hence why it’s being testing by Local Guides.

Google confirmed the talk, but it seems it’s at least working on something travel-related. Time will tell what this is.


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