Departure lounge vs day job: New Travel Report by Urban List shows over half of Aussies would quit their job to go overseas

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    A new travel survey conducted by Urban List, using data from over 9,000 respondents, making it the largest travel report this year, found that travellers are prioritising international trips over house deposits, long-term financial security and even their careers.

    The report has identified a consumer mindset shift. In recent years we’ve seen a boom in local, regional and remote travel. Now— consumers have an appetite for overseas destinations and have a truly global state of mind. Overwhelmingly, the respondents have their radars dialled to international adventures with 72% of respondents actively prioritising international travel over the next three years, and 7 in 10, currently planning their trips.

    And they are seemingly not letting anything hold them back with over half (54%) saying they would quit their job to go travelling overseas if they needed to. Two in three shared that they are prioritising an international holiday over saving for a house deposit or long-term financial security.

    Ensuring the in-depth data is actionable for savvy marketers looking to reach travel intenders, Urban List has developed six initiatives tapping into the needs, wants and desires of the respondents and they are currently looking for brand partners.

    Hamish Taylor, Urban List director of strategy said: “We believe we’ve uncovered some truly unique insights into the hearts and minds of travellers through our 2023 travel report, and we are excited to bring these partnerships to life.

    “At Urban List we take pride in being a compass for those who want confidence in the buying and booking choices they make. With 73 per cent of those surveyed telling us they’re actively saving for international travel right now, and over two-thirds prioritising holidays over house deposits, we will continue to make it our priority to be a trusted resource for those looking to staycay or getaway.”

    A full copy of the Urban List 2023 Travel Report is available by request:

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