CATO and NZOTSA team up to tackle the industry

CATO and NZOTSA team up to tackle the industry

The Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO) and the New Zealand Outbound Travel Suppliers Association (NZOTSA) have met in Auckland to finalise a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two peak industry bodies to collaborate on a number of areas.

“There are numerous synergies and potential benefits through the cooperation of services and sharing of relevant intellectual property, across Australia and New Zealand which makes our MOU very exciting,” CATO MD, Brett Jardine said.

“As our sector of the travel industry continues to rebound at a rapid pace, the MOU puts in place the groundwork to allow further expansion of the land supply sector across the Tasman.”

NZOTSA chairman, Joe O’Sullivan confirmed “the intent of this MOU is to explore, discuss and develop areas of mutual benefit for members across each organisation and the region in general.”

Both parties noted that exploration of relevant activity will revolve around (but may not be limited to) advocacy efforts, member education, research, trade distribution, administrative capability, and networking opportunities.

Featured Image: Left to right – Joe O’Sullivan, NZOTSA Chair*; Marija Kapiteli, MD Crotia Times Travel*; Brett Jardine, CATO MD; Robyn Galloway, MD Innovative Travel*; Paul Dymond, MD Wendy Wu*; Lisa Pagotto, CATO Vice Chair

*NZOTSA member

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