Carnival is losing its libraries as cruise goers’ want changes

Carnival is losing its libraries as cruise goers’ want changes

Carnival Cruise Line has been removing libraries from its ships and not building them into its new vessels as the needs and wants of cruise goers changes.

The cruise line’s upcoming Excel-class vessels: Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration, and the soon to launch Carnival Jubilee, will not have libraries and the cruise line is renovating what were once library spaces on its current ships during dry dock operations.

Carnival’s brand ambassador, John Herald, addressed the lack of libraries and the transformed libraries which have been replaced by other in ship spots.

“We have stopped building new ships with libraries,” confirmed Herald to Cruise Hive. “The reason is so we can have other bars, restaurants etc. there and the reason is also that, well, the amount of people who want to borrow a book and sit, in library silence on their fun cruise was we saw getting less and less.”

Source – Carnival Cruise Line

So what are the libraries being replaced by?

Carnival is swapping out the quaint quiet libraries for additional bars, casino rooms, cafes, live music setups and adjacent seating areas.

But not all guests are so keen on this.

Some cruise goers said they’ll miss having a quiet area dedicated for reading or playing board games and others said they will miss having the spot to work while onboard.

However there are still quiet spots for travellers to find themselves while onboard. Seating nooks near the main atrium will often have quiet corners while seating alongside interior promenades can become the new go-to spot for reading a book or playing a board game.

Of course, there’s no spot like your own room for a bit of peace and quiet as well.

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