Caravanning Tasmania taps Dennis Austin as new president

Caravanning Tasmania taps Dennis Austin as new president

Caravanning Tasmania has announced Dennis Austin as its new president, following the recent annual general meeting. Dennis from Coastal Caravans is well known for his community service and his deep understanding and passion for both Tasmania and the Tasmanian caravanning industry.

As president, Dennis aims to even further strengthen the community of caravanning enthusiasts in Tasmania. His vision for Caravanning Tasmania involves enhancing experiences, encouraging infrastructure development, fostering sustainable practices, and ensuring Tasmania remains a top caravanning destination.

Caravanning Tasmania’s president, Dennis Austin, said: “I am extremely excited to be elected president of Caravanning Tasmania. Tasmania holds significant promise and opportunity in domestic tourism and is a premier place to caravan and camp.”

“We sit on the eve of a 40 per cent capacity expansion for caravans on the Spirit of Tasmania, heralding a new era of caravan and camping for Tasmania. Caravanners around the country highly desire a driving holiday in Tasmania and is firmly amongst Australia’s top three caravanning destinations today. The increased caravanning capacity promises to provide a shot in the arm for the local tourism industry.”

“Caravanning provides great regional dispersal and is already an incredible driver of economic activities across many towns and regions all around the state as caravanners both Tasmanian and from the mainland explore and spend money with local businesses.”

Austin’s appointment promises an era of growth and development for caravanning within Tasmania, already booming post COVID.

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