Booking women on the right path: Railbookers on sponsoring the Women In Travel Awards

Booking women on the right path: Railbookers on sponsoring the Women In Travel Awards

It turns out world-class rail holidays aren’t the only thing booked with the Railbookers team!

The forward-thinking staff at the rail tour operator has taken many strides in tackling gender inequality and lately, that’s been by booking a sponsorship for our highly esteemed Women In Travel Awards.

The advancement of women in the workplace is so important for Railbookers. As a company with a strong culture and proud legacy of promoting its talented individuals from within – many of whom are women – Railbookers looks to give its female staff a world of opportunities offered in the travel industry, Kaitlyn Birkinshaw, Railbookers’ VP of marketing told Travel Weekly.

“We are honoured to give our staff, many of whom are avid travellers, the opportunity to meet and interact with people from across the globe and of differing backgrounds through leading different departments, committees, employee offsite meetings and familiarisation trips. This is an integral aspect and benefit of working in the travel industry,” Birkinshaw said.

This fostering of female talent is a must for the progression of women, but this can only go so far. Birkinshaw said that these women need recognition for their hard work, through events and awards nights such as the Women In Travel Awards, in order to maintain this upward trajectory for women in the industry.

“Working with many individuals throughout the travel industry, Railbookers recognises the many accomplishments made day in and day out,” Birkinshaw said.

“Often the accomplishments of an individual can be lost in the big picture, and Railbookers feels it is essential to recognise all those achievements, particularly by women, as integral to the success of our company and the travel industry.”

And it’s with personal agency and workplace freedom that Railbookers’ employees find themselves able to thrive. Birkinshaw said that this can elevate her company’s workforce, both on the individual level and as a community.

“As a global, fully remote company, Railbookers is dedicated to promoting and celebrating our diverse staff with an increasing emphasis on engaging and maintaining a wide-ranging and dynamic workforce,” Birkinshaw said.

Railbookers has staff located in five countries around the world who work with one common goal to simplify rail travel for all of its travel agent partners and customers. The company does this by meeting the needs of its very diverse staff and ensures they work in a welcoming environment.

“At Railbookers, all our employees have always and will always be treated with equity no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, or any other background,” she said.

“We hope that philosophy will continue to be adopted throughout the travel industry.”

It’s this philosophy that takes our industry forward.

A big thank you to Railbookers for sponsoring our Women In Travel Awards! We can’t wait to see you there on the night.

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