Azamara CEO Larry Pimentel: “Agents are incredibly important”

Azamara CEO Larry Pimentel: “Agents are incredibly important”

It’s a pretty exciting time for Azamara CEO Larry Pimentel.

And not just because he got to have a chat with us.

Kidding, we had to send a video of our office dog begging to get this interview.

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Amazara launched their inaugural World Journey voyage from Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal last week, sending 690 guests on a whopping 102-day journey around the world.

We sat down with Pimentel to talk all things agents and trade to celebrate this mammoth launch.

Pimentel told us that Azamara is doing well down under and the brand relies mostly on agents to sell its product.

“We’re still growing that brand awareness with the consumer, and we rely heavily on our trade partners,” he said.

“We also get a huge amount of our sales from word of mouth – both agents who have experienced the product and Azamara cruisers who spread the word as soon as they get off the ship.”

So what role did agents play in helping Azamara’s World Journey sell out so quickly?

“Agents are incredibly important for a voyage like the World Journey, where there’s a lot of information to take in,” Pimentel said.

“I believe we had one Aussie couple that went into an agency to try their first sampler cruise and came away having bought a 102-day World Journey – a great example of the depth of knowledge and talent an agent provides!”

Pimentel also encouraged agents to become as engaged as possible with the brand.

“With Azamara, there are so many beautiful nuances that help sell the brand – wonderful examples of our crew going above and beyond, like the time a crew member overheard a guest say they left their ‘everyday watch’ at home and how lost in time they felt,” he said.

“So a crew member let them borrow their watch for the full voyage.”

“You only learn stories like that from really involving yourself in the training and seeing the product for yourself. “

As well as this, he emphasised the importance of agents familiarising themselves with Azamara’s enhanced brand positioning – Explore Further, which was announced last week.

“We’re launching over 900 new tours focused on the more intimate experiences that our guests crave, and we’re further cementing ourselves as the Destination Immersion experts,” he said.

When asked what he appreciates most about agents, Pimental said quite simply, how well they’re selling Azamara.

“There’s so much they are doing well,” he said.

“Those that have experienced the product, either through a ship tour or a cruise, or attending our masterclasses and seminars, are really selling it.”

“The clients really pick up that warmth and fondness for the brand, as the agents have gotten to know the boutique, luxury feel of the ship, they’ve seen how incredibly well the crew get on with the guests and have discovered what a wonderful way an Azamara cruise is to see the world.”

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