Aviation fanatic recreates his favourite airline meals to cope with isolation

Aviation fanatic recreates his favourite airline meals to cope with isolation

An aviation fanatic has used his time in lockdown to recreate his favourite aeroplane meals, and they look waaaaay better than the real thing.

Jetsetter and self-professed avgeek Nik Sennhauser has been a frequent flyer since he can remember.

“The first time I got on a plane I was about five months old,” he told CNN Travel.

“I grew up between Austria and Thailand, so I’d be on a plane every two to three months or so.

“It was the one place where, as a kid, I would just eat the whole meal without question.

“At home, my mum would have to force me to eat stuff, but on a plane I’d just eat whatever I was given. I remember getting on the plane and looking forward to the food.”

Naturally, Sennhauser grew up to be a little bit obsessed with flying.

“I used to spend all my free time on Google Flights, punching in dates, destinations and budgets; looking at videos of flight reports on YouTube; making my own videos as well — my whole life revolved around flying,” he said.

But, like most of us, Sennhauser’s love affair with travel was ground to a halt by the pandemic.

Now, he spends his weekends grounded in his Glasgow home recreating his most nostalgic memories of airline travel: the food.

Using the Instagram handle @flysoplane, Sennhauser posts scrumptious photos of airline meals he recreates from scratch using images he has taken on flights, airline serving ware he’s bought online and a strong passion for all things aviation.

Sennhauser said the hobby has also made him a better cook as well as helping him deal with his wanderlust.

“The meals aren’t just for Instagram to look nice; they have to taste good, as well, because they’re actually our Sunday meals, and I have to feed my husband. So, it needs to be edible,” he said.

“So, I actually had to go and consult cookbooks and the internet for all these recipes, and I’ve learned to cook all these different things.

“And I’ve realised I’m quite good at making desserts. I’ve made a bunch of mousses – chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse – and they taste much better than what you can get in the shops. So, it’s been a bit of a journey for me.”

Once he is allowed to travel again, Sennhauser told CNN he is keen to chow down on ANA’s business class meals.

“I’ve seen pictures of their food in business and first class, and it’s just out of this world. We’ve flown twice with them in economy and the food was amazing.”

Featured image source: Instagram/flysoplane

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